Secure all sensitive information and resources using Xecurify Strong Authentication and Fraud Prevention services.

As Education institutions improve education services for their staff and students by digitizing education content and increase their online usage including online courses, they must ensure improved security, better security controls and strong authentication for their applications. They must safeguard their e–learning courses, intellectual property and application access against possible online fraud, phishing or identify theft and unauthorized data access. Colleges and Institutions must also ensure education services are offered in a secure and convenient way and digital identities of staff, employees and students are protected at all times.

Xecurify helps educational institutions achieve all of the above.

Xecurify services to protect Educational Institutions in convenient manner:

  • Strong Authentication

    Xecurify Strong Authentication helps Educational Institutions in assuring their students, teachers regarding online security of heir applications.Strong Authentication is a Cloud based service which can be easily deployed and configured to require one, two or more factors to authenticate a user or approve any e-commerce transaction including Out of band authentication, push notification, or Face detection and Biometrics etc.

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  • Single Sign-on

    Xecurify Single Sign-on solution allows Large Universities and colleges etc integrate various individual schools or internal applications in very seamless manner – Once Authenticated with Xecurify SSO – Universities can easily connect and navigate within various supplier / partner applications. Xecurify SSO Solution can be deployed in minutes and supports various Cloud Apps, Web Apps and Legacy applications.

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  • Fraud Prevention

    Xecurify Fraud Prevention service uses behavioral risk based approach to minimize the risk of improper data access or loss of information. Xecurify Fraud Prevention applies real–time analysis of incoming user requests for corporate information and prevents frauds with its dynamic risk engine in conjunction with enterprise specific security policy.

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Xecurify uses these services to improve security to various transactions for Educational Institutions such as:

  • Secured e-learning courses
  • Secured email and online grading systems
  • secure electronic invoicing