As Retailers expand service offerings via online and mobile channels, they must ensure transaction security, better security controls and strong authentication for their applications.

Xecurify provides user authentication solutions which help Retailers secure their transactions and protect their customer data via Strong Authentication, Fraud prevention and Single Sign on Solutions while effectively managing risks and achieving regulatory compliance

Xecurify services to protect Retail Customers

  • Strong Authentication

    Xecurify Strong Authentication helps Retailers in assuring their customers for online transaction security – It ensures that customers have additional security layer so online frauds can be minimised, it allows retailers to grow their trust and business with their customers without worrying about security.

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  • Single Sign-on

    Xecurify Single Sign–on solution allows Retailers to integrate various partner or suppliers applications in very seamless manner – Once Authenticated with Xecurify SSO – Retailers can easily connect and navigate within various supplier / partner applications. Xecurify SSO Solution can be deployed in minutes and supports various Cloud Apps, Web Apps and Legacy applications.

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  • Fraud Prevention

    Xecurify Fraud Prevention service uses behavioral risk based approach to minimize the risk of improper data access or loss of information. Xecurify Fraud Prevention applies real–time analysis of incoming user requests for corporate information and prevents frauds with its dynamic risk engine in conjunction with enterprise specific security policy.

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Services for Retail Industry

Xecurify use these cutting edge services to improve security to various transactions for Retailers while also achieving mandatory regulatory compliance:

  • Online Transaction Security

  • Electronic payment security
  • Secure electronic invoicing
  • Transaction fraud prevention
  • Cloud security for retailers
  • Web-based retail application security
  • Retail Industry Compliance

  • PCI Compliance
  • Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) Compliance
  • Strong Transaction Authentication
  • Financial Fraud Prevention
  • Data Protection Policies